Avi Kaplan premiering the new PTX beanie | Milan, 12 Nov 2013

Does anyone know where on earth I can actually get one of these??? They aren’t on the website!


*looks at self in the mirror* u know u can’t watch ptx interviews forever, right


Pentatonix December Challenge Day 27:
Fan art
Ever since I joined the fandom, I’ve seen MANY amazing pieces of fan art.
However, this one that I found recently really caught my eye and made me crack up :)
So thank you to dippythesquid (I don’t know how to tag blogs in posts :/) for this very creative piece of work!!


I just read an article on Beyoncé.

I’m not even a fan of Beyoncé. 

DAMN YOU SCOTT HOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAY 28: Sleeping wars
Sorry Avi but it looks like Kevin is winning this thing :/

Pentatonix needs to do Bohemian Rhapsody.


Can we just talk about this gif of Mitch Grassi trying to imitate the broken translator scene from Galaxy Quest